Am I Making Money A Priority Over My Faith?

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During a recent Steve Harvey Morning Show radio segment, a caller brought up the issue of reconciling her Christianity with her increasingly profitable business:

“You can’t serve two masters and I only want to serve God, but how can I grow my business with guilt-free financial comfort?”

So many people – believers and non-believers alike – struggle with guilt around earning and keeping money.

I personally know so many talented and brilliant people who deny their worth, frequently undercharge and give to the point of their own deprivation – which often leads to them struggling unnecessarily.

Now, there will be tons of opinions on this, but she asked me so I can only share with you what I believe.

The scripture that this young lady referenced in Luke 16 about serving two masters is a popular one used to justify why money shouldn’t be a desire.

But I believe there is a difference between being a servant to something (basically obeying, working for and letting your life be led by something solely) and being a steward over something. Which is basically managing or looking after something with care.

I believe many people find themselves in financial ruts not because they necessarily serve or worship money – but because they haven’t been good stewards with the money they do have. Not taking the time to learn how to budget, save, invest and even give wisely is where most fall short.

One of the things that I always say when I’m around the country is that we are all given a unique gift, talent, skill – something – we were born with and utilizing that is supposed to be the key to our prosperity. In Deuteronomy 8 it says it’s the Lord your God who gives you the power to produce wealth.

This business is likely what our caller should use to not serve money, but to serve God; and being a good steward means that you can now not only rest easy not having to constantly worry about lack, but also help others.

I always say philanthropists don’t live paycheck to paycheck and unfortunately I think poverty or struggle has become a false sense of nobility. It’s a mentality that I really want to help shift in this next phase of my own career.

That’s why I recently launched the Earn More Money Movement for Women. My goal is to teach women the principles that have helped me launch two successful businesses while still being a good person and giving back to the community.

I really hope you’ll join me. I truly believe that this could be a game changer for so many who believe that earning more and doing good don’t go hand in hand. They do.

Patrice Washington

Patrice Washington

Known online as the Wisdom & Wealth Money Maven, Patrice C. Washington is author of the personal finance series, Real Money Answers, as well as creator of The Mindset + Money Master Class, a step-by-step formula to help you create the money mindset and skill set necessary for lasting personal finance success.
Patrice Washington
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  • Hi Patrice!
    1) I agree with you 100%. Money is a tool, a powerful tool. Properly managed, it can be a tremendous blessing to many… but, in the hands of a fool, it can be dangerous. Financial TNT.
    2) You should replace the Bluehost favicon with a logo that represents you. (They don’t need the free advertising.)
    3) You should check the hyperlink to the Earn More Money Challenge for Women. It’s adding your intended destination onto the end of this post’s URL.
    To Your Health and For His Glory!
    Brother Tony O

    • Admin

      Thanks, Tony!

      Appreciate the feedback. Link fixed. 🙂

  • Yolanda N. Marion

    You can not conquer what you do not expose. And thru time I have come to realize that me not dealing with issues of money does not make it better. Excited about where your methods and direction about money is taking me Mrs. Washington!!!

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