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How to Set Financial Goals for 2016

The first step is goal setting! Look at the goals you set for your finances this year. On January 1st of this year what did you say you wanted to create? I hear lots of people say: I want to improve my credit OR save money OR get out of debt. I know those…

5 Steps to Turn Clutter Into Cash This Spring

Spring time should be known for more than heightened allergies and losing an hour of sleep. It’s that time of year when even border line hoarders get the urge to purge through the mounds of unnecessary clutter in their homes. But instead of just throwing…

How Does Co-Signing a Loan for Someone Affect Me?

Before helping out a friend or family member by co-signing a loan, it’s important to understand what it means for your own financial health. When you co-sign for a loan, you basically tell the lender that you accept equal responsibility for the loan’s…

You've probably heard for as long as you can remember that you should be saving for a rainy day. You likely call it an "emergency fund" or "a little something to fall back on" or a stash you're planning to use in case you "fall on hard times." One question:…