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5 Steps to Turn Clutter Into Cash This Spring

by Admin
This post is apart of the FREE Get It Together Challenge this Spring.

Spring time should be known for more than heightened allergies and losing an hour of sleep. It’s that time of year when even border line hoarders get the urge to purge through the mounds of unnecessary clutter in their homes. But instead of just throwing everything out, why not put a little planning into getting rid of clutter and make some extra money!?!

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How to Start Your Own Blog

by Admin

Since I started the Earn More Money Movement, I’m flooded each day with questions about how I became “The Money Maven.”

I wish I had some super glamorous story to tell, but the truth is I hit rock bottom during the Great Recession of 2008 and after losing it all, I had to do some real soul searching about what I was going to do with my life.

As a real estate and mortgage broker at that time, I had always been passionate about financial education. I LOVED it! But I never focused on financial literacy as my “thing.”

I decided in 2009 that I couldn’t wallow in losing my 7-figure business and life’s savings forever, so I needed to do something and fast! I barely knew what a blog was (no, seriously!), but I knew that just because all my money was gone, my mind wasn’t bad. I still knew a lot about money and if I could help other people rebuild their lives while I was rebuilding mine at least I wouldn’t be alone.

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How Can I Develop My Personal Brand?

by Patrice Washington

When your starting your own business or trying to advance in your career, it’s important to understand you represent a brand. Companies like Apple, Chick-fil-a, BMW, or Wal-Mart automatically bring specific images to mind. Also, consider the way you like—or can’t stand—a certain celebrity based on how you perceive them as a person; brands don’t only pertain to businesses, but people as well. Whether you want to accept it or not, there’s absolutely no way to separate your personal and professional brands.

Here are three areas you can focus on to manage and promote your brand:

  1. Your Appearance and Attire

What does your appearance say about you? Remember that getting up and getting dressed isn’t just reserved for the days you go into the office. In today’s society, any place in which you set foot has the potential to produce an ideal client, business partnership or new contract. Do you enter each day expecting opportunities to come your way? If so, there’s no such thing as just “running out.” You never know who you might run into. You may not always be aware of it, but there’s always someone watching you who has the potential to bless you.

  1. Your Social Media Profiles

What do your tweets, pictures, and status updates say about you? People who may want to do business with you are searching far beyond your LinkedIn profile. Yes, we see your crisp collared shirt and blazer on LinkedIn, and yes, you’ve managed to scrape together a pretty impressive paragraph or two about your experience, but consumers are smarter these days. Potential clients and employers will check out your social media activity. Be careful what you post or tweet. We know the truth about you exists in your late night tweets and the Facebook albums you refuse to restrict to friends and family. As far as we’re concerned, that’s the real you. At the end of the day, potential clients and employers alike want to do business with you, not your LinkedIn representative!

  1. Your Associates and Extracurricular Activities

What do your friends say about you? Again, accept it or not, your network determines your net worth. Period. When you’re out and about, who do people see you hanging out with? Whatever perception others have of your associates, they may begin to have of you. If you’re investing a lot of time in folks that aren’t going where you desire to go, then you’re wasting a lot of time and setting yourself back. Make sure you’re seen at networking events relevant to your industry. Invest your time in people and activities that support your dreams and goals and put you in front of and around people who have brands that can lend credibility to the brand you’re developing.

While checking your privacy settings and hiding your cousin’s kitten-themed birthday e-card from your timeline, don’t forget that social media is a great way to network and promote yourself. Join Facebook or LinkedIn groups that are industry-focused, or promote your brand or product by “liking” or following other professionals or businesses on social media. Who knows, they might return the favor! Building your personal and professional brand takes time and a little maintenance, but it ultimately sets you up for success.

Are You Ready to Negotiate a Higher Salary?

by Patrice C. Washington
If you’ve already cut down weekly beauty regimens and Friday nights out on the town or totally cut off the luxury of cable television and still don’t feel a little relief, then the problem may not be your “outgo,” but your income.
The recipe for financial success is the highest income you can achieve coupled with the lowest expenses you can maintain for your personal standard or quality of life.  For some reason, people always assume that means that they have to stretch the few hours they do have after a day job, children and church to create a side hustle. Although I love and indulge in the “hustle while you work” mentality, that’s not always the case.  Some can truly create additional income on the same job by negotiating a higher salary.

Can You Really Afford Personal Development?

by Patrice C. Washington

Have you ever wondered how you could afford personal development if you’re already broke? . . . Well, what you should know is that if you are broke, you can’t afford not to invest in yourself! 

Personal development can come in many forms. Your willingness to seek it out depends, like anything else, on whether you truly see it as an investment in your future or not. Those who practice unwealthy habits will rarely see a workshop, seminar or online coaching series as such, but will jump at an opportunity to wield the “investment” term around when it comes to depreciating items like the classic “little black dress” or a name brand television. In essence, unwealthy people tend to narrowly view things they can physically see as an investment. But, the fact of the matter is successful people invest in their continuous knowledge because they know that no matter what risks they take, if they lose it all, no one can steal their knowledge.  Therefore, the question is not really about if you can you afford personal development, it’s how can you not afford it?

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Do “Mean Girls” Make More Money?

by Patrice C. Washington

Just when we were starting to accept that pretty people made all the money, we get hit with yet another study.  First, we were told that attractive people are paid $230,000 more over a lifetime based solely upon appearance and not experience.  If that wasn’t depressing enough, a more recently published study is saying that people who are ruder make more.

Does this sound crazy to you? The study, titled “Do Nice Guys — and Gals — Really Finish Last?” looked at data compiled from around 10,000 workers over nearly 20 years, drawing on three surveys that sampled a range of ages and professions.The study’s findings are pretty clear — Researchers examined “agreeableness” using self-reported survey data and found that ruder women earned about 5% or $1,828 more than their agreeable counterparts.

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Is Your Passion Enough?

by Patrice C. Washington

Don’t waste time pursuing a passion you haven’t taken time to perfect. There, I said it! I had to get it off my chest once and for all. In the pop tart, microwave, faster than the speed of light world we live in today, entitlement runs rampant throughout our community.

The days of working hard to achieve a goal have basically been tossed out the window. All we know is it’s ours and we want it now; and not like right now, but like yesterday! Who cares if you are naturally good at something? While you’re somewhere pouting about people not recognizing how “good” you are, there are others out there taking the same skill and making it GREAT!

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Want to Get Noticed for the Job You Want?

by Patrice C. Washington

Although I love and indulge in the “hustle while you work” mentality, I recognize that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. If you’re not interested in becoming your own boss, maybe you’re still trying to figure out how to climb the ladder within your company. Have you been busting your butt doing good work, but still don’t understand why you’re getting passed over for promotions you’re clearly qualified for?

Well, let’s talk about what you can begin doing immediately to get noticed and prevent another opportunity from passing you by!

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