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* One set of bonuses per receipt/order despite quantity of books purchased.

** Allow up to 72 hours for our team to verify purchases with your retailer before receiving bonus access via e-mail.

(NOTE: Bonuses will ONLY be made available ONCE pre-orders ship on January 19, 2016.)

What You Get:

When you buy a copy of Real Money Answers for Every Woman by Friday, January 22, 2015 at 11:59p EST, you’ll receive the following freebies with proof of purchase:

BONUS #1: 90-day Access to The Mindset + Money Master Class ($297 Value)

Finally discover the 4-part personal finance formula that shows you how to create a successful money mindset and skill set while enjoying your lifestyle.

This highly sought after e-learning course is based on the four sections of Real Money Answers for Every Woman and brings the principles to life in a fun and engaging way.




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BONUS #2: Real Credit Answers -A Step by Step eCourse to Help You Reach Your Credit Score Goals + Regain Control of Your Financial Life ($39 Value)

It’s difficult to really work on something and get the results you’re looking for when you don’t know much about it. All the average adult knows is that they want “good credit” because bad credit sucks, is extremely expensive and seriously limits your options in everything from where you can live to what you can buy and where you can work these days.

This is a 7-part eCourse designed to educate you on the fundamentals of credit. In 7 modules, you’ll learn step by step how to understand, improve and maintain the best credit of your life.


BONUS #3: Real Money Answers Affirmation Cards – ($19 Value)

A popular feature of Real Money Answers for Every Woman are the highlighted affirmations throughout the book. The rerelease has brought these positive declarations to life by creating full color printable affirmation cards.

Readers will be able to print down their favorite affirming statements and keep them as reminders of what’s possible as they implement the powerful principles of this award-winning best seller.



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Was Your Purchase a Gift?

I thought about YOU too!
If you ordered a copy of Real Money Answers for Every Woman for someone special in your life, you still want a nice way of letting them know you thought about them while the physical gift is on the way.
Download one of these beautiful printable cards so they know just how much you care about them for the holidays and beyond!


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