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You’ve got questions. And I’ve dedicated my life to giving you Real Money Answers! . . . But, I’ve been helping people improve their financial and business lives since 2003 and there’s one thing I know:

I can give all the answers in the world, but you won’t find change until YOU change.

My goal is to simply show you how.

My entire philosophy on financial success is guided by four principles that when implemented, will help you let go of the financial mistakes of your past, discover how to profit from your purpose, get out of debt and save money faster than you ever have, PLUS learn how to talk about money with your family and friends in a way that doesn’t leave you drained, but empowered.

Whether you’re a recent grad wanting to establish a healthy relationship with money or you’ve been around the block a few times and need to re-establish yourself, this system can work for you because it teaches you to understand your money personality and manage it on your own terms.

It’s called the Mindset + Money Method.

And I founded it on what I believe is the #1 secret to personal finance success, no one has shared with you. . . until now:

Building wealth has
100% nothing to do with money
and 100% everything to do with YOU
and your mindset toward money.

-Patrice C. Washington

So, whether you’re reading this blog, one of my best-selling ‘Real Money Answers’ books or being transformed by taking the self-paced Mindset + Money Master Class, my goal is that from this day forward, you think about money differently!

Here are the Mindset + Money steps to get you started!

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