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Could You Live An ALL Cash Life?

by Rhonda J. Williams

Don’t PANIC!  Living and loving the all cash life does not require you to give up your debit cards and credit cards, well perhaps your credit cards. 

Living and loving the all cash life is about moving away from a dependence on debt, creating more options for your family and freeing yourself to be able to love, live, and give according to your dreams. The utilization of debt to fund the “American Dream” has turned into the path to an American nightmare.  The US now carries more than $850 billion dollars worth of credit card.  I’m not even sure how many zeros are in one billion.

Clearly the use of debt can help make the opportunity to receive a higher education, purchase a home or start a small business possible.  However, many are stuck in a habit and mindset of using debt as a way of life or to fund a lavish lifestyle.  The “opportunity” to attend the prestigious private college you love was a great experience while it lasted, but graduating with no job in site and a $50K student loan due was clearly not the “opportunity” you were seeking.  Here are 3 quick tips to start living and loving the all cash life.

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