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5 Steps to Turn Clutter Into Cash This Spring

by Admin
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Spring time should be known for more than heightened allergies and losing an hour of sleep. It’s that time of year when even border line hoarders get the urge to purge through the mounds of unnecessary clutter in their homes. But instead of just throwing everything out, why not put a little planning into getting rid of clutter and make some extra money!?!

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When Is It Safe To Toss Financial Documents?

by Patrice C. Washington
This post is apart of the Get It Together Challenge: How to Organize Your Finances in 7 Days or Less.

Early in my career, I would work one-on-one with individuals by going into their home and actually organizing their financial documents. It never failed that in every home I would find mounds and mounds of financial documents stacked up or tucked away that had been there so long the ink had faded rendering whatever it started out as useless. I also spent hours sifting through bank statements and utility bills from 1996 that no one would ever need again for any reason! Lucky for me, I was paid by the hour. Lucky for you, I can now tell you just what you need and for how long you actually need it!

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