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Since I started the Earn More Money Movement, I’m flooded each day with questions about how I became “The Money Maven.”

I wish I had some super glamorous story to tell, but the truth is I hit rock bottom during the Great Recession of 2008 and after losing it all, I had to do some real soul searching about what I was going to do with my life.

As a real estate and mortgage broker at that time, I had always been passionate about financial education. I LOVED it! But I never focused on financial literacy as my “thing.”

I decided in 2009 that I couldn’t wallow in losing my 7-figure business and life’s savings forever, so I needed to do something and fast! I barely knew what a blog was (no, seriously!), but I knew that just because all my money was gone, my mind wasn’t bad. I still knew a lot about money and if I could help other people rebuild their lives while I was rebuilding mine at least I wouldn’t be alone.

And that’s when America’s Money Maven was born!


Making a decision in 2009 to turn my own pain into purpose totally changed the entire trajectory of my life.

Sharing my stories, expertise, tips, tools and resources via the free blog has turned into a sought after transformational speaker, best-selling author, media personality and more!

A blog helped me share my heart to help people with finances even when I was still going through my financial storm. I didn’t have to know it all and I didn’t have to be perfect. I realized when I started blogging that most of us just want someone who genuinely cares and is willing to help us improve the quality of our lives in some form or fashion.

We’re each born as the solution to someone’s problem and even if you don’t want to be a full-blown  entrepreneur or necessarily monetize your content, you have a voice to contribute that could change lives across the globe.


I started my original blog on just because the first blog I ever stumbled upon was there. (Talk about strategy.) It was pretty basic and lacked any attractive bells and whistles which I think you need a little more now in today’s market.

My sites now live on WordPress which is a great platform. Because I had no one to hold my hand and tell me better when I was first starting out, I had sites built from scratch and it was always a pain to have to track down the guy or gal that created it for every little change. WordPress sites are easy to use, have thousands of templates to choose from and allow you to get in and edit your own stuff. You don’t have to be techy (which I’m definitely NOT!) because there’s no HTML coding. You can set it up and start.

To get started on WordPress and create an official blog, you’ll need to have a domain name and hosting package ready to go.

1. Choose and Register Your Domain Name.

The name of your blog is super important, but don’t fall into overthinking and do nothing like most people do. My blog started out as Seek Wisdom Find Wealth based on the biblical Proverb I created my company name on.

I realized after a year that if I was ever going to really grow my business and brand, I’d have to switch to something that people could easily say and remember, hence, Real Money Answers – which by the way, people still call Real Money Matters. (What can ya do?)

The point is you should choose a name that’s meaningful to you, represents your personality and connects to the purpose of the content you want to share. You could also do what I did for a season and just made my own name the domain name which was great for building up how quickly I was found on Google. 😉

There’s several inexpensive sites like, Namecheap and GoDaddy that you can use to register your domain name, but if you’re just starting out, keep it simple and use the free domain name with BlueHost.


Screenshot 2016-03-22 13.35.36

2. Decide Where Your Blog Will Live.

You really want to pick a reputable host for your blog because when they have problems – you’ve got problems! Your host is essentially where your blog is going to “live” in the big world of cyberspace and you want to ensure that at least these few pieces of key info line up:

• Server reliability which affects your site speed
• Access to multiple add on domains which allow you to have more than just one domain in your account. Super important as you begin to create products or services that you want potential clients to easily find.
• Easy to use hosting control panel which doesn’t require you to be super techy to get yourself up and going or even tweak anything, as needed.

My sites are currently hosted by BlueHost. Like I said, I’ve created many websites over the years and so far I’ve enjoyed BlueHost the most if nothing else because of customer service. I REPEAT: I am NOT techy. . . AT ALL. So when I have questions or need help, I can call and sound like a complete moron and yet, I still don’t feel judged. 😉

I really think BlueHost is great for beginners. It offers hosting for $7.99 per month, but anyone who uses my discounted link can actually take advantage of it for $3.49 per month when you sign up for 36 months. (You do have to pre-pay for all 36 months up front, but if you decide to cancel at any time, BlueHost offers a money-back guarantee. My suggestion is to use them for 6 months and if you decide to switch for any reason, they’ll simply refund the remaining 30 months.) Not sure you can beat the deal with the quality of service and user-friendly control panel at BlueHost.

How to Set Up Hosting at BlueHost Step by Step.

Since I use BlueHost personally and most people who read this blog post are beginners, I thought I should help you out even further and breakdown what you’ll do once you sign up.

1. Start at and you’ll be redirected to BlueHost via my affiliate page so you can get the discounted rate plus some other perks they might have available this month. Click the green “Get Started Now” button.homepage










2. Hopefully you already have a domain name in mind. Honestly, I’d say if you don’t already at least have your name registered, go for it! You can always add more “cute” domain names later. To register your domain name with BlueHost, just enter it under the “new domain” box and click “next.”

3-Domain Registration

3. Enter all of your pertinent account and contact information.

4-Contact Info


4. Next is the “package information” section. Remember I shared that you’ll get BlueHost’s cheapest rate possible of $3.49/mo, but you’re paying for 36 months upfront to take advantage of this.

They do have the money-back guarantee in place, so if you decided it’s not the best fit for you, which you can only determine once you try, then simply cancel and the months you don’t use will be refunded.

If 36 months is too much of a commitment, then look into the 12-month packages, as well.

5-Choose Plan


At this point I wouldn’t worry about the other features yet. You can always go back and add what you need as you grow.

5. Enter your billing information, agree to the service agreements and click “next.”

6-Billing Info

6. You’ll see more additional options you can purchase, but again, I wouldn’t do it now. Get more familiar with the process and then decide what you’ll need because it’s different for each of us. Click “complete.”

Blue Host 12

7. Congrats! You did it! At this point you should be finalizing the process by setting up a STRONG password and making sure you keep it in a safe place.

8. Now, it’s time to log-in, you Blogger you! ☺ Make sure you’re logging into “hosting” and not “webmail.”

Blue Host Log In

9. Once you open your account, you’ll see a welcome message that will walk you through what’s next! I’m a fan of taking tutorials and step-by-step instructions. It may seem long, but it saves you more time in the long run. (Speaking from personal experience here.)

10. After the BlueHost tutorial you should be good to go, but just in case you need more help with installing WordPress seamlessly, check out this quick BlueHost tutorial:

Although it’s just the beginning of your blogging journey, that’s it for me!


I hope you found the tutorial helpful. I just wanted to give you a little of the step by step handholding I wish I had when I was starting out.


While I’m not a techy a person AT ALL, if I could use a blog to turn my pain into purpose and eventually profits, I believe you can too! Someone needs to know the valuable lessons and insights you’ve learned along the way. They’re just waiting on you to get started!

Happy Blogging!

Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth & Be Blessed


Disclaimer/Truth: This post contains affiliate links, but I only share resources I 100% use and/or believe in.


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