A place to set, share and be held accountable for your business and financial goals. A place where women are achieving more in one month than the average person achieves in one year! A place where resolutions are traded in for tangible results in your finances, business and life; results that you can love and be proud of! Imagine having the support of a leading authority on personal finance for women, as well as the ongoing encouragement of women all over this country.

ALL women ready to take your finances, business & life to the next level!
ALL women who are ready to use their gifts to make a difference in the world.
ALL women who know they are called to serve in a bigger way!

As women we are amazingly talented individuals who have the ability to run hectic households like a Fortune 500 company. But to keep that company running for the long term, we have to get clear and strategic about our personal worth and financial wealth. But, far too often, we put our wants and needs last on a list of never ending priorities.


If you’re like me, at some point you’ve felt one of these:


  • I’m helping everyone else live their dreams while mine remain on the back burner.
  • I know I have the ability to earn so much more, but I can’t figure out
    when or where to start.
  • I’m totally puzzled by how fast I seem to run out of money each month.
  • I’m sick and tired of living in scarcity and ready to start thriving and experiencing financial security.
I know exactly how you feel and I’d like to offer you an opportunity to work ferociously on your goals with a group of women who ALL want what you want so desperately: to WIN in EVERY area of life!

How do we do this, ladies?


It’s simple. In order to WIN, we continuously and relentlessly focus on What’s Important Now. No excuses. No BS. Just consistent, strategic, dedicated information that empowers you to succeed in every area of life.


In over 12 years of educating women on personal finance and business, I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve learned a few things.


The first step to wealth building and living the life of your dreams is to understand three KEY things:


  1. You cannot do it alone. (Well, maybe you can, but it will take double the time and triple the money and energy!)

  2. True WEALTH is sustained only with continuous education. (What you nurture GROWS! If you aren’t constantly feeding yourself valuable, life changing information, you’re more than likely stuck in a rut or constantly behind the times and playing catch up.)

  3. Knowledge is still nothing without implementation. (I think that speaks for itself. Not only is ACTION imperative, ACCOUNTABILITY is absolutely mandatory.)
Something else I’ve discovered is that most women don’t have an issue with making money; they have an issue with making wise decisions with the money they’ve made. AND, many people have a few hundred brilliant thoughts per year; they just don’t act on them or know how to act on them, so they wander through life unfulfilled and take their million dollar idea to the graveyard (aka The Richest Place on Earth!)

Sound familiar?


Listen, I’m starting this group so that I can help ordinary women like you and I understand that we are actually not ordinary at all. In fact, we are extraordinary! We are brilliant beyond belief. We just need someone who believes in us to help pull it out. And, we need to do it in an environment where we feel safe, cared for and free of judgment.


If you are ready to Create Wealthy Habits, Earn More Money, Manage Your Money Wisely and Uncover How to Become Comfortable Having Uncomfortable Money conversations with loved ones, you’re in the right place at the right time!



  • A LIVE Wisdom & Wealth Group Coaching call led by ME, the Wisdom & Wealth Money Maven, Patrice C. Washington EVERY month. Each call will feature an affirmation of the month, a discussion around a specific personal finance or business topic with an implementation tool or resource and the opportunity for LIVE Q & A with me and one of my savvy expert friends.
  • Admission to a PRIVATE, Member-Only Facebook group moderated by yours truly! You’ll be able to get exclusive content NOT available on the blog, ask your personal finance and business questions weekly and network with other women who are dedicated to growing their mind and money. (In case you were wondering, YES, Real Money Answers Monday as you’ve come to know it was revamped beginning January 2013. This will be the ONLY way outside of one-on-one coaching to get your spur of the moment questions answered!)
  • A Recording of each Wisdom & Wealth monthly call for further reflection.
  • Automatic 10% discount on any product launch during your membership.
  • Automatic 10% discount on any event launch during your annual membership.



If you’re not quite ready for one-on-one coaching, but know you need that something that will take you to the next level, this is probably it. . . Can you beat over 12 years of experience with a highly skilled, trained and nationally recognized professional? Crazy, right? . . . I can’t even believe that I’m giving this much a way at such an amazing steal, but what I’ve learned over the years is that we’re blessed to be a blessing.


My life’s mission is to help women W.I.N in their money mindset and skill set. The more women I help, the more fulfilled and on purpose I become, and the more the blessings pour in. So by assisting you in creating the life of your dreams, I automatically get to live the life of my dreams. And in a way, that’s simply magical!


I can’t promise that this PRIVATE Facebook group will be complimentary forever, so if you’re ready to WIN in your finances, business & life, enter your e-mail below for access:

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