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Everyone learns differently. We offer books, audios and self-paced home study courses to help you up level your finances on your time and your terms. Just choose the learning style that meets you where you are and works best for you!

Real Money Answers for Every Woman – Let’s get real ladies! Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, managing money is a reality that we all (especially as women) will face at some point in life; we might as well do it right! This Amazon #1 Best Selling Personal Finance book will be your go-to guide for years to come. Know why? Because whether you’re a busy wife, single mother, young professional, a tad more seasoned gal or somewhere in between, it tackles the fears, struggles and questions hundreds of women have asked Patrice over her last decade of helping women get out of debt, rebuild their credit and define their passions.

Real Money Answers for Men – No quarterback would go into a championship game without studying his playbook, assessing his strengths and weaknesses and making sure he and his team are on the same page. Similarly, no man should jump into the money game unprepared, but far too many do. In football, when a quarterback sees that a play isn’t going to work, he can call an audible and change the plan midway through. Real Money Answers for Men Too is that financial audible. It’s a practical, no fluff guide designed to awaken a shift in how you make, manage and relate to money so that you can actually win the money game and leave a legacy you can be proud of.

Real Money Answers for College Life & BeyondDo you know someone headed to college, in college or approaching college graduation? Great! This book will help them set a solid foundation for personal finance success, create and embrace wealthy habits, establish credit the right way, budget income no matter how little or inconsistent, pay for college without student loans as a first choice and even understand how friends and family can affect their finances.

Generation One, Documentary on DVDWith the 2007 recession, the housing crisis and soaring unemployment rates have left Black America’s wallet trapped in the crosshairs of the United States’ financial crisis and the lack of generational wealth in the African American community has never been in sharper focus.

Generation One takes a hard look at the numbers, giving historical context to early wealth creation in the Black community and tapping the expertise of the nation’s top financial experts like Patrice C. Washington to weigh in not only on how Blacks fell behind, but surefire strategies families can implement to begin building a strong financial legacy for generations to come.

Affirm Yourself to Wealth Audio SeriesANYTHING you do, say or think with repetition and emotion WILL become your reality.

On this engaging and uplifting CD program with accompanying action guide, Patrice helps you discover your own power, wisdom, and inner strength through the mastery of the words you speak over your life, your relationships and your personal finances. You may not be aware of how influential your spoken words are. When you say anything, you are, in fact, extending your inner self-talk to create a similar world around you. In her warm, yet bold and powerful way, Patrice walks with you on a journey to elevate your thinking in order to elevate your income and your life. . . And the most amazing part is, you can make substantial change in 28 days or less!

The Mindset + Money Master Class Imagine – After just 4 interactive sessions being able to FINALLY Discover Your Purpose, Create Financial Goals You Can Achieve, Uncover Your “Sweet Spot” So You Can Monetize God-given Gifts and Pinpoint Your Debt Elimination Date. Learn Patrice C. Washington, the Wisdom & Wealth Money Maven’s, Step-by-Step System for Creating Wealthy Habits and Healthy Relationships with Money . . . PLUS You’ll Get Insider Secrets, Tips, Tools & Resources So You Can Master Your Money Mindset + Skillset!

Earn More Money Bootcamp Spend 4 hours LIVE with the Money Maven, Patrice C. Washington giving you the confidence, clarity and kick in the skirt or pants you need to define your purpose, develop your brand essence, completely take over your market and monetize your gift, talent, skill or hobby so that you make money while you sleep!

The Earn More Money Bootcamp will help you:

  • Get clear about who you want to be in the marketplace
  • Develop your plan of action for building a thriving brand and business
  • Create products (books, audio series or guides) that make money while you sleep
  • Understand how to blend your personal and professional brand for maximum marketplace success
  • Move from looking at others as competition to complimentary partners who will actually help you build your business

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